R. Zinko, O.Serkiz
Lviv Polytechnic National University / Ukraine

DOI: none


Zinko., R, & Serkiz.,O.(2017). Study work of rotary crusher for recycling waste. Technological Complexes, 14(1), 75-82. Retrieved December 12, 2017,


Recycling common is grinding to a certain particle size of particles with their subsequent usage. To study processes of crushing was recorded generalized mathematical model of crusher for waste recycling by using the general equations of dynamics of discrete mechanical systems in generalized coordinates. The model will allow to investigate the performance of crusher depending on the structural features of its elements and the flow of grinding. Conducted a series of studies to determine the rational parameters of crusher and design implementation using environment SolіdWorks. Developed research methodology and design crushing production machines of various designs gives you the opportunity to determine the effect of various features on performance parameters of the machine.


SolіdWorks, performance parameters of the machine, design , mathematical model.


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