L. Krestyanpol
Lutsk National Technical University / Ukraine

DOI: none


Krestyanpol., L. (2017). Economic feasibility of smart packaging under the global initiative "save food". Technological Complexes, 14(1), 68-74. Retrieved December 12, 2017,


The scientific article is devoted to the global problem of combating food waste and food losses. In this paper, the author analyzes the causes of food losses at the stages of production; calculates the percentage-based importance factor of the causes of food losses and food waste; emphasizes the need to create a specific technical solution within the Save Food Initiative. The result of the work is the creation of a smart packaging that will control the shelf life of food products, which will reduce food waste at the stages of production, storage, and consumption. The author proposes an initial algorithm for creating smart packaging as the first step towards the development of a global system for the management and sustainable use of natural resources.


smart packaging, "Save Food" initiative, contactless methods for reading information, identification key, label, importance factor, RFID-system.


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