Requirements for the designation article

The articles are accepted for review in electronic form (Microsoft Word 2003 or newer), sent using the sending form on our journal site.

Page parameters: top margin, bottom margin and right margin – 2,0 cm, left margin – 3,0 cm. Formatting of article – in two column with interval 0,7 cm. The first lines of all paragraphs should be with indent 0,5 cm, font Arial, size 9, interval 1,15. The size of article title – size 11. The elements titles of the main text are shown in bold.

The article structure:

  • - UDC index (upper left corner);
  • - the author names, workplace, work position, degree, academic status should be in English (formatting in two columns);
  • - the article title should be in two languages – in English and native language;
  • - abstract, that contains a summary of the article, to 1000 characters;
  • - keywords (6-8 words);
  • - introduction;
  • - problem statement;
  • - main article;
  • - conclusions;
  • - references.

Abstract, keywords, article and references are formatted in two columns in English and native language.

Figures (diagrams, photos, etc) should be with minimal resolution 300 dpi. The figure must be located in the center, without text wrapping. Figure captions should include numeration in order of text placement and explanatory caption. An explanatory caption shouldn’t be included in the figure.

Formulas in articles should be typed using the formula editor Microsoft Equation. Formulas should be separated from the text above and below by indent 6 pt. Formulas numeration, on which there are links in text – the right side in parentheses. All physical quantities are submitted in SI. The integer parts are separated from decimal by point.

Tables should have titles and numeration, a table background is not selected by another color. Tables are located in the center of page on the full width. The recommended size of characters in tables is 8 pt (for large and capacious tables at least 6 pt).

The character size of figure captions and tables is 8 pt.

Information about the author in electronic form: name, surname, academic degree, academic status, workplace (full and abbreviated company name), work position, city, country, contact telephone and e-mail are sent in separate file in English and native language.


The author is responsible for the content of the article.


Information about the publication and reception of materials you can receive by tel. +380 66 13-18-285, (0332)76-73-95 or email: