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Editorial staff of “Technological complexes”



26-28 May 2016 year

Dear colleagues!
Lutsk national technical university 26-28 May 2016 holds the forth international scientific and technical conference “Prospective lines of development of TC-2016”.
We invite you to participate in this conference.

Prof., DThSc P. Savchuk,
Prof., DThSc B. Palchevskyi,
Prof. dr hab. inż. A. Świć,
Prof., DThSc B. Durnyak,
Prof. Ing. Mikuláš Hajduk, PhD,
Prof., DThSc V. Strutynskyi,

Prof., DThSc Y. Kuznetsov,
Prof., DThSc V. Pavlysh,
Prof., DThSc Z. Stotsko,
Prof. dr hab. inż. J. Lipski,
Prof., Ph.D. L. Yampolskyi,
Prof. Dr. Mehmed Emin Yüksel

Prof., DThSc Angel Vachev,
Prof., DThSc V. Pud’,
Prof., DThSc V. Maksymovych,
Prof. DThSc Emil Manoach,
Prof., DThSc M. Yaroshevych


Prof., DThSc B. Palchevskyi,
A.P., PhD. O. Krestianpol,
A.P., PhD. B. Valetskyi,
s.l., PhD. L. Krestianpol,
as. D. Bondarchuk,
as. O. Velykyi,
l.c. V. Eromin.


The conference program includes:

  • - Plenary meeting;
  • - Section meeting;
  • - Poster session;
  • - Round tables;
  • - Other arrangement.
Languages of conference: Ukrainian, Russian, English.

Conference Coordinator of TC -2016:
Head of department of packaging and automation of manufacturing processes, prof., DThSc Bogdan Palchevskyi
43018, Lutsk, Potebni St., 56, c. 22.
Тел.  +38 (0332) 76-73-95

Participation letter and arrangement information: Oleksandr Velykyi – technical secretary of the PAMP department of Lutsk NTU.
43018, Lutsk, Potebni St., 56, c. 20а 
tel. (0332) 76-73-95;   097-1996878, 099-6673065

Thesis for publication in conference proceedings:
Oleksandr Velykyi – technical secretary of the PAMP department of Lutsk NTU.
tel. (0332) 76-73-95;   097-1996878, 099-6673065

Information for publication in the journal “TECHNOLOGICAL COMPLEXES” can be obtained in the executive secretary, assistant professor of PAMP department
Olena Krestianpol                                            43018, Lutsk, Potebni St., 56, c. 22.
           E-mail:                  tel. (0332) 76-73-95,  093-72445383

Calendar of conference:


1. Applications for participation and thesis for review

20.04.2016 y.

2. Announcement of reports acceptance

25.04.2016 y.

3. Registration fee

30.04.2016 y.

4. Receiving of the articles and payment of their publication in journal “Technological complexes” – (see terms in

30.04.2016 y.

5. Dispatch of invitation with program of conference

10.05.2016 y.

Work will take place in the form of the meeting and discussions on the following topics:
1. Information technology in design and management of technological complexes;
2. Modeling and synthesis of the structure of technological complexes;
3. Development of technological complexes in machine-building, instrumentation manufacturing, packaging and food industries;
4. Designing of functional elements of technological complexes.

Conference procedure of TC-2016:

  • - report at plenary meeting –  to 20 min;
  • - report sectional meeting –  to 10 min;
  • - notification at  sectional meeting –  to 5min;
  • - poster presentation.
For inclusion in the conference program are regarded application for participation and thesis (content of 0,5-1,0 pages А4), sent to steering committee to 20.04.2016 y. at the address: Е-mail:,

Conference meeting and accommodation of participants will be carried out on the territory of Shatsky national park, the recreation center "Shatsky Lakes" in a charming corner of Volyn on the shore of picturesque lake Svityaz.
Steering committee asks you to disseminate this information among employees of your institute.

Collection of thesis of conference (payment within registration fee) and texts of articles are published in academic journal, that is a member of international scientometric bas RSCI,  Index Copernicus, Ulrich's Periodicals Directory «Technological complexes», №1/1(12)2016 (with separate terms of publications payment – see

Registration fee
For cost reimbursement, connected with organization of the conference and publication of collection of scientific thesis of every participant, registration fee is 350 UAH. Fee includes thesis publication, materials providing, coffee-break, certificate of participant, organization costs etc.

Bank details

For juridical person
Registration fees transfer to bank account details:
Lutsk national technical university,
43018, Lutsk, Lvivska St., 75,
a/n 31251203117820,     bank STSU in Kyiv,
SC 820172    code MSRN 05477296.

In bank transfer order must be noted:
“Conf.8. TC-2016”. Replenishment implement in national currency (UAH). Copy of bank transfer order sends together with materials: application, thesis, article.

For private person
Specified amount of money should be transferred to card of Privatbank
№ 4149 4377 4295 9891
in the name of  Velykyi Oleksandr Anatoliiovych